I too am new to blogging? spell right. Here is the color and yarn I chose. It's Pagewoodfarm, hand dyed, sock yarn. The color way is harvest. A combination of greens and I think taupe. It's pretty. TwoKnitwit (Melissa) helped me with my choice. Annette


Hobbygåsa said...

You are new to blogging too? You both are doing great! And I think we all are doing very well on yarn choice, this yarn is so beautiful. Can't wait to see how the colores in this will turn out when knitted, this is really my colores all the way.

twistedinstitches said...

I'm quietly giggling with GLEE (kids are still sleeping!) we are going to have SO much variety in our scarves! Annette, this is going to be very elegant!!!! I can't wait to see yours too!!!!