Seeing twisted in stitches day one knitting I am now sitting on my hands to stop them from starting knitting lol:.
But, I can not sit long, because they are needed for finishing 5 fingers on my hubby's gloves - and these gloves needs to be finished before I can start on the scarf. So, while I am waiting I can show you the yarn I'm going to use. Kauni is a Danish yarn I think. Since it is shifting in 4 colores I am not sure if it will work out, but I am going to give it a try.
What yarn are you going to use?

If you have a look at the contributors in the KAL, you can see that I have added a new one. Oneknitwit have decided to knit the scarf too, and are doing it together with us - great, now we are 5 knitters!


twoknitwit said...

Beautiful colors! Just got back from yarn shopping with fourknitwit and chose a gorgeous salmon colored yarn made in Wales ~ will post a pic soon! Can't wait to start ;)

twistedinstitches said...

Oh pretty yarn hobbygaasa! This will work out fine~mine has color changes too--I think the variety will keep it interesting! Can't wait to see what others are using as well.

And another knitter-YAY! How exciting!

Okay, now the names will give me a challenge to "keep my wits straight"...LOL~please feel free to offer assistance when noted!

twoknitwit said...

I won't be of much help in the knitting department so I'll at least help you to keep your 'wits about you', twisted! 'one' is Kelli, 'two' is myself (Melissa) and 'four' is Annette ~~ you'll get us figured out before long...if that's possible ;)

twistedinstitches said...

Well, the questions begs, "Where is threewits?"

You are a wit short...LOL!!!

twoknitwit said...

...I TRIED to 'keep all my wits about me' BUT 'thirdknitwit' (or as Kelli & I lovingly refer to her ~ Trudy ~ our mother-in-law) took one look at the copy of the pattern I made for her and decided that it most definitely wasn't a good place to start learning lace...she said the only way she would do it is if I came over every day and sat and knit with her so I could help her.

That does sound tempting but I think my boss would have a problem with that!

...and I have been called short in my day (I'm 5' 2") but NEVER a 'wit short' ... ;)

twistedinstitches said...

Well now I knew there had to be a #3~

OH I wish Trudy would reconsider! She has us here for support. Lace is just a bunch of holes put in very strategic places...REALLY!


And I promise NOT to call you short or a wit "short" again...LOL