Day 14 and 15

Now this was more my kind of knitting, short repeats to remember and easy to knit.
I will bring my scarf to knitnight today, but not for knitting - only to show the others. For me this knitting can only be done in deep consentration, and that is not what knitnights are for lol:.
The lovely spring weather we had for 2 days has left and now it is back to freezing degrees, so I am eager to get my scarf finished and done - I want to wear it - now!

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twoknitwit said...

VERY pretty! Have fun at knitnight ~ every night is knitnight for me....except last night :( ~ 2nd day of a screaming headache ... pity party for me ~ now I'm behind and need to catch up! I think my headache is because I've been knitting so much ~ a knitting injury...who'd of ever guessed it was possible ;)