Day 8,9, and 11

Yes, I skipped Day 10 in there somewhere. Or was it Day 9???
I'm slowly getting to this when I can, my insomnia has "passed" for now, so my knit time with other projects going on is not as plentiful! This is a BIG knit!
Realizing I won't have enough yarn has me also trying to figure out how I'm going to squeeze all my sections in. Maybe not as many repeats in some sections? Since I "ahem" missed one day, I have marked it and may stick it in in the end of the scarf if I have enough yarn...but it's not looking like I will. My yarn ball came from Estonia with a handwritten "gram" slip...and ladies at the yarn shop tried to help me convert it into yardage to figure out if I had enough for this scarf. When "WE" figured..it came out with 2 yards to spare...just enough. But I'm looking at how many days I have left, my yarn ball and I'm thinking it's either going to be REALLY, REALLY close, or missing a few sections. Either way, it's turning out to be a lovely knit, and I think I will enjoy this one immensely when it is finished. I'm just a bit behind my fellow KAL'ers. But that's okay, I'm drooling over their scarfs (some finished or close to it!) and I'll be straggling behind with the others who started late.
Happy knitting ladies!


Hobbygåsa said...

Don't worry getting behind, when you reach half knitted it feels like getting to a point where the knitting whispers to you all the time "you need to finish me - fast - don't you see how beautiful I'm going to be!" lol:.

twoknitwit said...

You missed the prettiest section ~ the 'fans'! I'd skip a different day & definitely do that one ~ it's one of my favorites and completely different from anything else! Just my opinion.... ;)

Nice to have a post & pic from you, busy woman!