I'm back on track

I have been a day left back for some time now, but now I'm back on track. Day 13 is finished, and it was a knitting nightmare I think. I am not good at remembering long pattern repeats, so this was a challange. But it looks right... And if it not had been right I would never have frogged it and started again lol:. So, for those of you that not yet has knitted day 13, I guess I have made you worried lol:. Don't think of it, I'm sure you will find it much easier than I did!


twistedinstitches said...

I'm thinking I'm glad I'm only on day 9...LOL

It does look very lovely...a panel of "V's"...



twoknitwit said...

I like the long repeats better than the shorter ones! They seem to go faster and aren't so tedious to me ~ different strokes for different folks! :)