The last post I believe I made I had finally finished day three. I have been trailing behind since we started. Oh-well!!! Now I am posting up to day eleven and am still really liking the color of my yarn. I can't wait to be able to wear. It snowed again yesterday so it's pretty cold out and would love the opportunity to wear soon!! To the ladies who have finished bravo and they are very pretty. Twoknitwit your pictures are very beautiful! Soon new camera for me as my pictures aren't as clear as I would like. I'm still knitting!!! fourknitwit


twoknitwit said...

Lookin' good Nettie! I can totally see you wearing this when it's done ~ you're on a roll!

oneknitwit said...

You are going to love this, evreybody will love it too. It's so worth finishing... so you go,it's beautiful!


thirdknitwit said...

Looks beautiful, love the color looks soft,is it? Keep up the good work.

twistedinstitches said...

Very pretty colorway! I love the "glow" it has in this picture! I'm trailing too...so you have company!!!


Keep the pictures coming--I'm enjoying them all!