(and 4 thru 6)

...ok...done cheatin' ~ back on track and should have day 7 posted by, oh, Friday? I figure 10 rows a day from here on out and I might be done by December! lol ;)

not my favorite day ~ seems dull after all the fun stuff so far!

thought I'd better post before our power goes out ~ I didn't know Washington had a monsoon season! I'll be checking in with everyone so maybe you can motivate ME to keep up now ~ my husband has decided that saying 'knit, woman, knit' every time he walks past my chair may get my needles flying ~ it's kind of funny! he's very supportive in a goofy kind of way ;)


Hobbygåsa said...

Not my favorite day either, but I suppose it has to be some of those too. You must think of the beautful scarf you are going to wear when it is finished, AND you are going to wear it in February - not next December lol:.Good to have your husband being supportive, mine is just laughing right now... I went to town to buy a kettle, but what do you know - my LYS had 50% off on some yarns. So I spent 1 hour in there, bought some beautiful yarn, and when I headed for home I had forgot all about the kettle lol:. Keep up the good work!

twistedinstitches said...

AWWW no tea for Tone. But she'll have lots of yarn to play with!!! GRIN

I'm 1/2 way through day 6...hopefully finishing it up later today. I agree...must more "easy" section...but mixing it up is good...keeps us on our toes!!