TWO-KNIT-WIT .... DAY NINETEEN .... aka my absolute favorite!!!
Very happy with this panel! I love cable and haven't done much of it so the combination of the lace and the cable was very exciting for me! These days are definitely getting a bit more challenging so I'm only able to do about 1/2 per day ... hopefully I'll be able to finish this weekend!
Thanks for all the blocking homework, Rachel! I'm in a totally different boat since my yarn is a superwash merino wool so I THINK I can follow the washing instructions and lay it flat to dry, shaping it as it dries? We'll see ~ this is all new to me!
Also, I finally tried it on yesterday 'just to see' since I hadn't yet and after wrapping it around my neck 4 times....I LOVE it as a scarf ... or I can be mummified when I die and they can use it as my lacy salmon colored mummy wrap ;) ... it's late and I'm getting a bit punchy, sorry! ~ I've got lots more where that came from, you poor souls! (I'm pretty sure I just heard a loud groan from somebody!)

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