TWO-KNIT-WIT .... DAY EIGHTEEN (and days 16 thru 18)
I had a tough time today! The 'big stitch' directions were not totally clear ~ maybe something was lost in translation? I'm not sure but the way I interpreted it was completely wacky! I ended up with a mess and 40 too few stitches! So, I have 2 very helpful hints to those of you that haven't yet done this day ~ #1 ~ knit loosely if you're a tight knitter and #2 ~ check out 'crossover stitch' videos on youtube (thanks Kelli, for that great pointer!) if you've never done this stitch before! It's much easier than the directions make it out to be and hopefully you won't have wasted any precious knitting moments having to tear back to your lifeline! Have fun with this one!
(and my photo is sideways again ~ sorry ~ I cannot figure out why it's uploading topsy-turvy and then I cannot figure out how to spin it so it's upright)


Hobbygåsa said...

I do not know why your photo's keeps turning... I have heard others that have had the same problem without figuring out why, but I have never had it myself. Think it is supposed to be like "just those things that happens". Hehe 40 too few stitches, at least then you know you have done something wrong lol:. Glad you made day 18, I think this one is so beautiful!

twistedinstitches said...

oooo Crossover stitches sound interesting...never have I done those either...I'll go pop over to Utube and check it out.

I love the look of it--very pretty and worth the trouble I would say!