2009 kal - Calendar Scarf

  1. I did it! I finally can say yeah it's done! I LOVE IT! I am happy with the color. I sometimes have a hard time picturing how it's going to look when done. I got behind in the beginning and was a little frustrated with not being able to keep up but finally realized that it wasn't about keeping up it was about having fun knitting something new. I enjoyed knitting with you ladies and came away with alot of new knitting skills. I'm proud to say yes I can do that now. Looking forward to wearing still if Seattle stays chilly! Annette - aka - Fourknitwit


twoknitwit said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!! Great job, girlfriend! So proud that you stuck with it when you were frustrated because it's cool to see your huge sense of accomplishment for a job well done!

twistedinstitches said...

Annette that looks great! Way to stick to it and get it done~fun fun fun!!!!

Enjoy your new scarf!

zMaja said...

I hope you GIRLS know how addictive it is to watch your scarves grow! :)))
Thanks to TwoKnitWit, i have found you! (Your nicknames remind me of Startreck- TwoKnitWith, FourKnitWit...SevenOfNine :D )

I like every single scarf here (and the colourssssssss are drop dead gorgeoussssss!!! :) )

fourknitwit said...

Thanks for your encouraging words. I really did have a good time knitting this and having a chance meeting you ladies who have the same interests. Knitting has really been a fun hobby. Whats next? Fourknitwit

twoknitwit said...

zmaja ~ you are funny!!! I'm not a 'Trekky' but that is hilarious!!!

zMaja said...


Honestly, they're gorgeous! I like rich and big garments myself and when I see you all wrapped up in them...I believe I'm now infected too! (Not that it is hard to infect me with a knitting idea!)

I'll have to join you some day! :) I've already started searching for the appropriate yarn. It's strange that this dying-system is not at all popular in Europe. Skeins are usually either monochromatic, tweedy or printed (the colours on Hobbygassa's scarf...awww...rust and sky, you don't see that every day, do you?!)

How big are they, anyway? Do you have any rules (the miniumum number of rows per pattern/day? ) Who invented this?..Am I annoying? :))))

Anyways, an amazing job! I'm jumping in as soon as I find a good "Star trek" skein! I'll name my scarf "Enterprise", probably! :)))

Hobbygåsa said...

That's great fourknitwit, it is SO beautiful! Mine is not yet blocked...
zMaja - if you PM me your e-mail adress on Ravelry, I will invite you to post in the blog! There are still girls not finished with their scarves here, maybe you all can make some action again in here lol:.

oneknitwit said...

You did great, and you and your scarf are beautiful. Does'nt it feel great to have done it?

~And I pray that the retarded picture of me, that has been sooooo/too long on our blog page will change to your pics!Amen~