Day 2 picture

NO hands to spread mine out--it's scrunched...finally figured out those dropped stitches...but see the bottom rows? I have more than one purl out of place, I think? But I will leave it...I have to admit, dropping those stitches on purpose was very nerve wracking to me. I also will place a lifeline in before Day 3 in case I do want to go back and "do over"...that way I won't be so scared about losing a YO or a stitch somewhere!

WHEW~glad this day is over!!!!


twoknitwit said...

It's beautiful!! ... only the 1st dropped st was nerve wracking for me (I could almost hear it yelling 'no, please, don't let me go!') but then you see they land safely and all is well!

Hobbygåsa said...

Hehe, after knitting Clapotis I am cured for scareness of dropping stitches. But it sure is scaring the first times when you are supposed to do it on purpose.
I think this scarf is a great project to practice lace. More fun to come lol:. And your scarf is great Rachel! I think we all should go easy on some mistakes here and there, it will not show at all when we are finished and wearing the scarf.