I think we've found a 6th KAL groupie! My friend AnnieL saw my scarf and thought it looked fun ~ I've been trying to scan and send her day 1 (I'm having a bit of a problem but think I may finally have it figured out!) and if I had luck, she is starting today! The more the merrier ;) ~ I'm sure she can catch up, too, since it's only day 3!

Are everyone's fingers burning up the yarn today? ;)

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twistedinstitches said...

YAY!!! Go Annie go!!! Annie won't be "behind" as I will fall short later this next week with starting school back up with the kids.

YEP, my fingers are flying fast...I liked day 3, after the stress of day 2 the simple repeat made it much more relaxing of knit for me. Dropping stitches on purpose is a really cool effect...but man! I don't think I could get "used" to the "DOING IT ON PURPOSE" part of it!