Day 2 questions

Yep, questions already.

We're gearing up for a big blizzard here (again!) and I was up super early listening to the weather. I might go get my mom from my sisters house early to miss the storm. But I started knitting Day 2...

Here's my questions...

I was doing first "set" on Day 2 -- how many YO's total do you have before the dropping of the stitch in row 9??? I have 9...I'm thinking I missed one somewhere, so I'm going to TINK back...eeek! I didn't put a lifeline in and I should've...so this will be tricky. That one side without the YO looks "wrong" to me...comparing to the picture is hard because it doesn't show the whole section (I think)...I"m too math challenged to count it out...plus I have one row that is "off" in my P3's (I mised a purl) which is bugging me.

I will have to mess with it a bit later and see what happens. I'm alittle nervous about this day just because of the dropping of that stitch...panicked? Not yet...but I'll check back later.


And the very last row 15 of the second 'set' is when we don't do ANY YO's, right????

My needles are a shakin'....hee hee.


Hobbygåsa said...

I sure hope I understand you right here Rachel, sometimes a second language is a bit tricky lol:. I have 9 pattern repeats on day 2, so I have 9 YO on row 3 - do this answer the question?
The second time you do row 15, remember NOT to do any YO, then when you are finished you will have 4+79+4 stitches. After row 15 - do one row ESK4,purl,ESK4 - and then 4 rows of garter stitch, and then you are finished. Hope everything will turn out ok with the storm and driving - be careful!

twistedinstitches said...

Lace language is TRICKY!!! LOL

Yes, I think I have got it...I finished one complete set of 15 rows and I have the right YO's. I figured that one out of place purl didn't bug me so much after all...

Thanks so much for the clarification Tone! I got it now...will have pic' later!

twoknitwit said...

...dropping a stitch....WHEEEE! what a neat ladder it makes, don't you think! ;)

love to learn something new...will post my picture soon!