Hello day 1 bloggies,

I really like it.

My fancy turbo needles would'nt work because the metal made my yarn dirty. I'm back to these wood ones for now. I guess I could go to wood circular? I can probablly see it better,and yes I put in a life line that's what you see at the top.

The detail is amazing,I kept thinking it was wrong, this picture doesn't do justice to how sweet it looks. I love seeing your scarfs,way to go!!! Ready for tomorrow?

blog ya later,


twoknitwit said...

Beautiful, Kelli! Too bad the Addi's are discoloring your yarn ~ I really like them except the metallic smell on my hands. I'm missing my wood needles for sure!

Check in with you tomorrow!

Hobbygåsa said...

Beautiful! Yes, too bad with the Addi's - there must be something wrong, and you have to take them back to the store to see what they say. Wood can be difficult on lace because of the rounded tip... I use my only Harmony wood circular needle, the tip on this is great for lace I think.
I'm ready for a new day of knitting, this is fun!

twistedinstitches said...

Oneknit...can you check out KA circular needles at your LYS??? They are wooden, pointy tips. More pointy than others I have tried, very smooth join. I am NOT using those on this project though...because they are "HOLDING" another lace project...LOL~I'm using my Addis. (back-up needles)

I think your scarf is going to be awesome as well!


Great JOB!!!!