Here it is as of Jan. 5, this day was hard but worth it.
I drank 5 cups of tea. I hope tomorrow is'nt a 6 cupper?
Really enjoying seeing others suffer right along with me, I think I started over 4 times....oof.


twoknitwit said...

love how yours is turning out! it will go with everything! are you REALLY suffering..... ;)

thanks for sharing a pic, sis!

oneknitwit said...

I'm not suffering, I don't know why this day was such a struggle, I like patterns when I can "just purl" on the wrong side...what a baby I am! I do get excited to see what comes each day. You'll need to find a new kal for February.
Would you measure how wide your scarf is? I'm curious? Mine I don't think I'll block, I like how it looks now.It's interesting how different yarns create such different scarfs.

twoknitwit said...

...funny you should ask...I told Jason last night that it's wide enough that if I made a back panel to match what I've done so far, I could seam them together after adding a couple of straps of some sort and make a really cute lace vest to wear over a white t-shirt! it's the perfect width for a sweater on me! most days are about 14" wide (the first one is almost 16"!) ... but I'll keep knitting ... maybe I can turn it into a really cute lace tube dress when it's complete! ~ lol!

Anonymous said...

you girls are doing good and they really look nice... we will have to go and do high tea so you can wear your new creations.. be it a scarf or a dress or a vest... keep it up. :) thirdknitwit

Hobbygåsa said...

It is so pretty, then what doe's too much tea matter lol:. I will post my 5th day later today.

twistedinrstitches said...

Too much tea, too much coffee??? Who's worried???

As long as neither spills on the knitting...it's all GOOD!

Oneknit--your scarf will be most elegant I think.

High tea-wear for sure!!!!!