....true confession time....I knit ahead a bit this weekend so that I'm not hopelessly behind by next weekend .... I feel like I'm cheating (yikes!) but I can't put it down and I only have a few hours in the evening to knit during the week so I took advantage of some extra free time

now that I've gotten that off my chest (whew!) ~ this is my FAVORITE day so far ~ I love the straight lines and the organization of this one ~ pretty little stitches all in a row .... more of a 'lace' look and less of a 'cable' look if you understand what I mean?


Hobbygåsa said...

Ok, we have a cheater in the KAL... Good for you that you do confess because then there is always room for forgiveness lol:. I too loved the 5th day with the straight lines and organization - maybe we are a bit like lol:. My job as an accountant suited me perfectly, lining everything up for presentation lol:.

twoknitwit said...

thanks for your forgiveness ;)
...10 rows yesterday...you'll forget I was ahead VERY soon!

can't wait to see your day 5!

twistedinstitches said...

tsk tsk tsk...ahead?!

You shall work out the bugs for the rest of us then and give us a heads up??!!!


I will fall behind too today as I will be gone and no time to knit.

I've also been given some test knitting for a yarn company--so this will be my "distraction" when the test knits get "old"...ADD knitter here.

I like the variety each day. I like that each new section gives me a different patttern to memorize!

I LOVE this KAL!!!!

twoknitwit said...

I'm having so much fun with you girls! I'm not trying to win ~ just not fall too far behind ~ it would make me stress! So I knit when I can ~ what are you test knitting and how did you come to be doing that? Sounds interesting!

twistedinstitches said...

Shhh! It's top secret info.

I could tell you, but then I'd have to take your knitting needles away cause you'd want to knit one up yourself!!! LOL

I am very blessed to live in the same town as my favorite yarn company.

I'm trying to convince them to give me their yarn JUST BECAUSE...funny, they think I should work for it?!


NO STRESS, just...


twoknitwit said...

oooooooo.....I'm intrigued!

favorite yarn as in Blue Sky?? you are a lucky, lucky girl ~ I think they should just give you some yarn, too, just because you're you! is it really top-secret? if not....


twistedinstitches said...

Ayup, it is top secret. I promise it is REALLY COOL and I am SOOO bad at keeping secrets, so I have shut up now.


Or the knitting police will take away MY needles...GIGGLE