I got it done around 10:00p.m. tonight!

I'm so glad to be on this adventure with you all. I have learned so much about knitting and myself. I'm thrilled to show you.

I'll be excited to see all of yours. ( Blocked it lightly with my steam iron.)

I'll be wearing so proud I don't know if I'll be able to fit my head through the door.

Yep, I do look a little tired, I timmed at my daughters swim meet from 9:00-2:00. Yes she swam very good! Came home took a little nap and got on my needles and finished.
Mellisa I look forward to hearing your next KAL idea.


twoknitwit said...

IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I can't believe you're finished already ... well, yes I can!!

you did a super job ~ hope you still keep peeking in ~ I'll miss blogging with you, sister ;)

thanks for knitting along with all of us ~ it's been a great time!

thirdknitwit said...

IT IS BEAUTIFUL...Good for you I bet it is even better in person.. Are you wearing it to Church this morning? Enjoy your class with your mom.. L Trudy

twistedinstitches said...


I LOVE IT Oneknit! You did a fantastic job and should be very, very proud!

Now, go get yourself a new outfit to match, and out to dinner to celebrate your new creation!!! You've earned it!!!!

YAY for Oneknit!!!!

Hobbygåsa said...

Great job, can't wait to finish mine! Can you do me a favor? I am struggeling with day 21, doing errors all the time. My copy of that days pattern is crap regarding the photo (not the text)- can you take a photo of yours day 21 and post it here in the blog? Please? I think it will help me to see how the pattern is supposed to look. Thanks!

twoknitwit said...

Tone, I downloaded just the project photos onto my computer so I'll post the original photo of day 21 for you right now! Hopefully, it's better than your copy!

Hobbygåsa said...

Thank's, you are very kind!

Annie said...

This is so amazing and beautiful!

twoknitwit said...

hey, Annie! we've missed you ~ hope things are better at work ~ I've been checking in on you on your blog and sounds like work is really tough right now ~ you sound disillusioned ... maybe a little knitting might cheer you up ;) ??