I'm back! Got up at 6:30 this morning ready to knit the day away & try to catch up a bit ~ and 5 minutes later my arm went completely numb! Needless to say, I was SO disappointed and I went back to bed. Got up a little later and totally encased myself in pillows (including one under my tailbone) and have been knitting away ever since! I think I've got something pinched or knotted or out of alignment BUT there's no stopping me! Managed to finish day 14 & 15 and now it's on to day 16 (which will hopefully go smoothly thanks to Tone!).
I have an idea for another KAL for later in the year so everyone has time to recover from this amazingly giant project and also have some time to be a little creative, if anyone's interested. I'll let you know about it later but right now, it's back to my padded chair!

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twistedinstitches said...

OOOO excited to hear about your idea...but I'll need to finish this one first...

My "side" project just got alittle bigger...so I'm knitting when I can on the scarf...just finishing up day 10. I'm behind in pictures too.

It's really nice to be able to see "what's coming up" and I am enjoying all of your wonderful pictures!!!!

I have realized I'm not going to have enough yarn to complete the whole scarf.

I'm going to be missing probably about 3 sections...so because I missed Day 9 I may just keep it "out"...or I'll just keep going until I run out. It'll be close...

But you ladies inspire me to keep going!!!