I hope we haven't lost Annie! Annie, where are you ;)

I was looking yesterday to see if anyone outside of our little knitting circle is working on the calendar scarf and I found only 1 person.....so I told her if she wanted company that she could hop on board! She's not quite as far as most of us but not very behind at all and her wip pic is really pretty ~ she emailed me back and said it sounded like fun and she was going to get more yarn! So, Tone, if you don't mind, could you get her linked in with the rest of us ;) ? Her Ravelry name is wonderlywroughte ~ I think she's a Jersey girl but I'm not sure. Our little group keeps growing!

...and I saw Annette's scarf today and it's great! she's having camera problems I think and will eventually get a picture posted!


Hobbygåsa said...

I have sent her a PM, and will link her up as soon as she respond. Hope you will get you cameraproblems solved soon Annie - we are so looking forward to see your scarf!

twoknitwit said...

thank you Tone for all your hard work ~ I'm glad you don't mind adding people as we go!