Days 13, 14, 15, 16, 17(part), I'm not an over achiever!

Well wacha think?

Days 14, 15, 16,part of 17. side veiw no flash, kinda warm looking, for all you cold people...
another picture my 17 yr old daughter helped me, she's so fast, so 4 pics today. Another warm picture of days 14,15,16 part 17 .
Just love this scarf it's a perfect project in Jan. when nothing is going on and everyday a pretty, challenging,exercise your mind friend is sitting and waiting for you to pick her up and knit.

Just could take pictures all day, here you can see my version of day 13 :(. Maybe if I'd been able to use the lace needles it might have worked better. But I held the whole scarf up to my husband and asked if he could tell which section I'd made up and he could'nt tell. He's always brutally honest, he did tell me that I let day 13 beat me, see what I mean?

The reason I've been going a head is because for Christmas I bought my mom a sweater class for her and I,it starts this Sunday. It's a bottom up no seams insert sleeves sweater class a kind I've never done. So I'm going to be focused on that,but will be still involved with you.

Just love this project everyone should have a kal in January!


twoknitwit said...

don't let Kelli kid you ~ she IS an overachiever (takes one to know one, right Kel?) ~ we took a sweater class about a year ago and wore our completed sweaters to the second class (and it was a 3 lesson sweater!) - the teacher got a big kick out of it!

Kelli, it's so pretty!!! Thanks for finally posting some pics (& scaring me about tonights project - day 13 - did it REALLY kick your butt???)

thirdknitwit said...

Your scarf is beautiful, really anxious to see it. Just so you ladies know the 17 year old who took the picture is also very beautiful and talented. My Grand Daughter Go Girls you are half way there.

Hobbygåsa said...

This is so beautiful, and you are really not allowed to keep this for yourselves lol:. More photos from now on!! Day 13 was a nightmare - I will post my photo later today.

twoknitwit said...

Kel - if you like your class you should check out 'Custom Knits' by Wendy Bernard ~ she hates seaming so everything in her book is either top-down or bottom-up with sleeves that are either put on holders to go back to or set-in sleeves like you're going to learn ~ lots of pattern variation ideas too! I'll bring it for you to look at next time I see you ~ tell your mom hi! I'm excited she's finally going to try a sweater!