Day 10 and 11

Here comes my day 10 and 11, and I hope you all will have this photo in mind during the KAL! This is the closest I have come to take a photo of the real blue color, it is almost like the original -YAY!
Now that twoknitwit has told about day 12 I am not looking forward to the knit lol:, but it is also fun with some challange.
Hope to see more of you posting photo's inbetween, we can't let twoknitwit getting lost talking to herself all the time lol:.


twistedinstitches said...

I LOVE that blue!!!! Your color changes are coming so elegantly together it's fun to see!!!

oneknitwit said...

ooooh looks like my favorite color periwinkle, light hues of purple?

Amazing, I might have to paint something that color, I'll try printing this picture or you could just send me your scarf for awhile,lol, just kidding, beautiful job!

What's the weather like over there this time of year?

I hear it's similar to ours. We have lots and lots and lots of rain latley. We had unusual amounts of snow and when that all melted, other cities not ours are flouding.

twistedinstitches said...

We're in a deep freeze here...

In northern Minnesota, it was 35 below zero in Roseau and 36 below in Hallock, with wind chills down to 45 below in Hibbing. Some areas saw blizzard conditions.[/quote]


Good to just sit inside and KNIT KNIT KNIT!!!

Hobbygåsa said...

Hehe oneknitwit maybe, maybe you can borrow it for a little while. I am getting pretty fond of it actually lol:.
Yea, it has a tiny little purple edge to it - the blue color I mean.
Here we have had real winter since end October with snow and really cold weather. But suddenly yesterday it became warm degrees and wind, and now all the snow are melting. Today we had sun and it was like a reallt nice spring day. Wish for it to last, but the weatherforcast sais snow again for the weekend.

twoknitwit said...

I love this swatch of blue too! ...and you were worried about this yarn, Tone! it's lovely!

where exactly in Minnesota are you, twisted?

Twisted in Stitches said...

If you all can believe this...I've switched my Day 9 and 10 (not on purpose!) and I'm too chicken to frog it back now!!! I think my pages got mixed up and I just started knitting away...too late realizing I was doing the WRONG day!!! EEEKKKK! Well, mine will be a bit out of order and another twisted garment all my own... GRIN

Twisted in Stitches said...

OOOO forgot where in MN I am...to answer the question...I am about 1 hour north of the Twin Cities.

Very small town, on 3 acres next to a spring-fed creek. I'm a Texan transplant, so hibernating in winter is exactly what I do. Knitting seems a good fit this time of year!!!!

Hobbygåsa said...

Ok Twisted - you forget where you are, and you knit the wrong day - sounds like you need summervacation lol:.

Twisted in Stitches said...


OR more coffee???

Eh, I'm not moving very fast this AM...I'm drooling over all these pictures though!!!!

twoknitwit said...

..I work with a girl from Mancato (totally spelled wrong if I had to guess) ~ she's homesick all the time for Minnesota!