(and day 10 thru 12)
I found today particularly nerve-racking ~ all the YO2's and dropped stitches had me counting at the end of every single row. I kept feeling I had singled a double yarn-over or forgotten to drop a stitch ~ luckily, that didn't happen since I think this day would have been a BEAR to have to pick back thru!
Hope everyone hasn't given up on this scarf! I feel like I'm being obnoxious posting every day ~ kind of like chatting with myself (which I am known to do ~ Annette can testify to that!). Maybe I'll start posting every other day so I don't drive you guys crazy! ;)


oneknitwit said...

your why we get on, we look forward to hear you talking to us.

I just left day 15 or 16 half done... goodluck with day 13 I can't wait to see yours because then I'll know what it's suppose to look like. I could not figure it out, I was doing it over so many times I was shredding my alpaca. So I made up a much easier pattern, it's in the back and really nobody will care/know. Until I post this...

I'm loving this kal, it's kinda taking a free class.

I love my scarf too. Glad you found this.

We all can't wait till we hear tomorrow from you .

Thanks for all your pics and comments:).

love your knitwit sis

Hobbygåsa said...

You don't drive me crazy, so keep on posting. My photo will come later today. Ok, now I am not looking forward to start day 12 lol:.Will do that this afternoon and I will keep an extra eye on my needles. Yeee, you are half way through - soon it will be like Christmas again when you close day 24. A brand new scarf in your stocking on the morning of January 25th lol:. You can even pretend that santa has brought it to you on his way back to the Northpole lol:. Keep up the good work!

twistedinstitches said...

Oh no! Keep posting pic's and commenting...I'm taking notes. It's driving me crazy not to work on this and make it my first priority...I am behind. But I knew that starting into this because of other commitments. I shall catch up when I can...and enjoy your triumphs!!! PRETTY!!!

2 YO's in a row...oh dear. Lots of counting going on there. I can't wait!

twoknitwit said...

...it's really not that hard, I was just having trouble with the metal needles ~ first time I've used them and there are some parts that I've come across where I feel like all my work is about to slide right off ~ especially the double yarnovers! it made me really tense

and be careful what you wish for because now that I know that you ARE paying attention, everyone, I made a list of things to tell you tonight when I (hopefully!) post day 13! so many things to say ~ I'm turning into quite the chatterbox!