My day 3 and 4 knit

My day 3 and 4 knit is finished.
I think day 4 was a hard one... Had troubles concentrating and keeping up with the YO, so this is a result of knit and frog several times. Because of that I am not sure this is right, can't wait to see yours day 4 so I can see if it looks like mine lol:.
Here is my scarf so far. I'm still not sure about the colores, but have decided to use the yarn anyway. Who knows, when the scarf is finished and blocked it maybe will turn out great lol:.


oneknitwit said...

Don't you love it? I do. I did not think that's what that yarn would do... wow,beautiful.

twistedinstitches said...

VERY pretty! I love the color changes Tone--this is turning out to be a treasure!

I am in the middle of 4 and will hopefully be able to finish today.


twoknitwit said...

NOW I really see the colors ~ it's gorgeous! The powdery blue color is striking with the browns!