Well, here's day 3 and all 3 days together. I love this project!
What am I going to do when I go back to work on Monday?
No time to knit ~ I'm going to be counting the minutes all day until I can go home and start in on the fun again ;) !


Annie said...

It looks beautiful! Your yarn looks nice and squishy!

twoknitwit said...

thanks! it's VERY squishy ~ I'm going to make a dark one in a lighter weight for 'dress up' but this one will look great with jeans!

are you using the black\blue noro sock yarn in your stash? I made my first socks out of noro ~ I love them!

twistedinstitches said...

Very pretty~I'm liking your color choice!

I know, I wondering the same thing...what will happen on Monday when "REAL" life kicks back in?

Our snow storm is over, and excuses to go to the store will not sound so valid...hee hee, much easier to sit by the fireplace and knit and let that storm rage on outside...LOTS of knitting gets done that way.

I think that's why our grandmothers got so much knitting stuff done for the grandkids...