Ok - sorry for my total absence!
My FIL had taken a fall and after getting him to the ER they told that he had broken a bone in his leg... near the hips... And I can feel that my English is not so good that I can explain - never mind - he has had a sergury and everything is fine.
The hospital is not a good place for knitting lace, however sock knitting was a great thing to bring, so I am soon finished with my pair of Cascade socks lol:.
Here is my day 7 knit - I find it very hard to take photo's of this scarf...


twoknitwit said...

If your pictures aren't very good I'd like to see your scarf in person because it already looks beautiful to me!

hope your father-in-law is doing well ~ glad to have you back blogging with us!

twistedinstitches said...

Tone, I'm so sorry about your F-I-L. I hope his recovery is an easy one. AND I agree with twoknitwit--your scarf is turning out so gorgeous!

Agreed. Lace knitting and hospitals DON'T mix! But socks, now those are GREAT for mindless knitting...


Best wishes my friend!