....and a few quick thoughts....

my picture is sideways ~ not sure why ~ wasn't when I uploaded it ~ and don't know how to fix it

another of my favorite days but decided the days I like the LOOK of the best are a little too repetitive and the days that aren't necessarily my favorites when complete are the ones I like to DO the most because they're more interesting ~ kind of like puzzles ~ get it? so, there's something redeeming about every panel and I'm happy at the end of every day for different reasons

I have a major cramp in my thumb

thought of a few more things I could use my giant scarf for ~ Annette suggested I could drape it over my couch (good idea ~ only flaw is we're remodeling and don't own any furniture right now!) ~ I was thinking either a hammock or I could loan it out to the fire department and they could use it to catch people jumping out of burning buildings ;) ~ all kidding aside, the longer my beautiful scarf gets, the less wide it seems so it will be great in the end I think!

...AND today I am officially a third of the way thru the pattern! YEAH

oh, one more thing...my first internet yarn purchase (Jimmy Beans) went off without a hitch! it came in todays mail (LOVE getting yarn in the mail!!!!) AND surprise, surprise and much to my delight it is the SAME LOT NUMBER as the 4 skeins I purchased locally ~ who'd of thunk it??? I'm a lucky girl ... and very tired so I'm off to bed (thankfully an hour earlier than yesterday!)

sorry this post is so long ~ I'm never this long winded and I promise it won't happen again :)
can't wait to see how everyone else is doing!


oneknitwit said...

Your so cute, your scarf is perfect. maybe a wall hanging? or a valance over a window? I'm on day 11 is that bad? To many easy days,but I had to start 11 over. So I'll work on it tomorrow. I'm enjoying mine and all of them. It's fun to blog. I just ended my first skein I think it had 450 yrds+ or - I always want to bind off every time I finish a pattern day. It's funny,that's what my fingers have in their memory. So we're all learning....I'll post a pic soon.

twistedinstitches said...

Oh it's wonderful! And I too have heard great things about Jimmie Beans...their customer service is supposed to be one of the best for online yarn stores...

Good for you that you got the same dye lot!

I think your "scarf" should maybe just be a wrap...you can wind around yourself as many times as you thing necessary...LOL!

A cute little shawl pin would hold it into place.


It's beautiful!

I'm 1/2 way through day 7. Which is suprising cause I'm sidetracked with that "OTHER" thing...I am going to rename my scarf, "Insomonia"...the few rows I am able to complete I'm doing because I can't seem to be sleeping well again.

I hope I have enough yarn...mine's from Tallin Estonia and I have NO idea where AnneM from Ravelry got it...I think a little roadside stand???!

Or I will just bind off when I run out...

Oneknit way to go on your progress! I can't wait to see your picture!

twoknitwit said...

Jimmy Beans even sent me candy in my package ~ a couple of Jolly Ranchers to slurp on while I'm knitting away!

Love the valance idea! Hadn't thought of that ~ and I do have these lovely new windows my handy hubby installed recently ;)

and of course the wrap idea is also wonderful ~ my 1/3 done scarf is almost half my heighth (no wise cracks!) so by the time I'm done I should be able to wrap and wrap and wrap and wrap.....

maybe I should change my name to Morticia (as in Adams ~ wasn't she knitting a never-ending scarf on the Adams Family) ~ better hit the roads ~ it's off to work for me
Bye ladies!

Trudy said...

You just keep telling us everything, as your excitment can be felt by all, and that is wonderful. The scarf looks beautiful.. bring it by for me to see. Thirdknitwit