Day 6 finally finished!!!

This was a much "tamer" knit...I didn't have to frog anything, which I was very thankful for because I forget to weave in my lifeline before I started, (just in case) and I'm still in my "dark" run in the yarn. So those pesky YO's disguise themselves next to the PSSO's. But it's all good...I'm having fun and not so fearful of holey things!

Onto Day 7!


fourknitwit said...

Dark colors are hard to work with sometimes. Keep truckin!! Annette

blueladie said...

I so want this pattern, I have emailed with no response. Any help with that?


twistedinstitches said...

Hi Cathryn,

I'm lost on who you emailed? The site where the pattern is found?

It was free for the month of December and now it is a pattern for purchase.

It can be found here:

If you are in the USA it could be that a translator is needed...not sure? It's a Swedish pattern I believe.

Let us know what happens!

blueladie said...

Yes, that is the page I made my inquiry on how much the pattern and yarn would be. to gunnarsson.c@telia.com. We'll see. I just tried it again.

Thanks for your response and help. I appreciate it.