TWO-KNIT-WIT .... DAY SEVEN ... a musical moment ;)
I've often wondered how someone can play the piano and sing at the same time ~ I don't play an instrument and it seems impossible to me that you could do something that complicated and also something else simultaneously.
I had a moment like that tonight ~ I was halfway thru the repeat and on a right-side lace row. I was watching a movie and all of a sudden realized that I had finished the row ~ I panicked because I had no idea how I had gotten there and thought for sure that I was going to have to back the whole thing out ~ BUT ~ to my surprise, all my YO's and K2Tog and everything were where they were supposed to be and there were still 87 stitches! I can do that with plain stockinette and garter but LACE?! My fingers have minds of there own I guess ~ isn't that funny!
Past my bedtime ~ up at 4:30 to go to work ~ looking forward to seeing everyone else's day 7 to make sure mine looks right!


twistedinstitches said...

I don't have automatic fingers yet...can I inquire where you found them???


I do washcloths once in awhile while watching movies...but it has to be simple pattern repeat.

My hats off to you for your bravery!!!!


fourknitwit said...

I think this color and the faded look throughout is really pretty. Beautiful work Mel. Annette

twoknitwit said...

...the automatic fingers came and went...if they make another appearance, I'll let you know!

twistedinstitches said...


You have that syndrome too? It's here, then it's gone.